The Atlassian Team Playbook

팀의 잠재력을 촉발시키기 위한 개방적인 당사의 가이드

Team playbook

Step-by-step instructions for tracking your team's health, and new ways of working ("plays") that build your Get $#!τ Done™ muscle. Use the plays on their own, or in concert with Atlassian tools. 

We developed the Team Playbook to transform the way we work. And it has. This ain't your CEO's management book. It's by teams, for teams – any team.

How to use the Team Playbook

There’s no prescribed method, but we do have three suggestions.

Kick things off with a Health Monitor   |   Find plays to relieve acute pain points  |   Explore game plans for specific use cases

Seriously though: try a Health Monitor workshop

The best way to start is by establishing a baseline for your team's health: where you're at, how you got here, and what to do next. We're talkin' the holistic, 360º picture.

Start a Health Monitor
Forget the generic trust falls and ropes courses. Choosing the right team building activities depends on your team's needs.
Healthy teams are happier and more productive, it pays to invest in the teams not just the product. — Cliff Obrecht, COO of Canva

더 많은 사항

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